How to Wash a Human Hair Wig

Properly caring for your wig is crucial in preserving its quality, appearance, and style. By washing your human hair wig correctly, you can extend its lifespan and maintain its soft, silky glow.

How often to wash your human hair wig: 

To maintain the longevity and quality of your human hair wig, it is recommended to wash it every 7-14 days of wear. However, keep in mind that washing your wig too frequently can shorten its lifespan. To minimize the need for washing, it's best to use minimal styling products on your wig. This will help you to preserve its quality and extend its lifespan.

How to wash your human hair wig

Prep: Use a comb to smooth out the wig hair before washing. Take care not to pull or stretch the hair fibers.

Wet: Hold the wig with one hand and pour lukewarm water over the hair with the other hand. The hair should be wet, but not completely soaked.

Wash: Put a small amount of shampoo on the wig hair and work the shampoo through the hair. Rinse the hair thoroughly without squeezing or wringing the wig.

Condition: Apply a small amount of conditioner on the hair and work it through, leaving it on for a few minutes. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.

Dry: The simplest way to dry your wig is to place it on a wig stand and allow it to air dry. Also, you can use a blow dryer on low heat, but be sure to keep the heat setting low to avoid damaging the hair.

How to Prolong Your Wig's Lifespan

  • Store your wig on a smaller-sized wig stand or form to prevent stretching of the cap.
  • Avoid storing your wig in direct sunlight, as it can cause fading of the hair.
  • Do not wear your wig while sleeping to prevent hair loss, breakage, and matting.
  • Avoid contact with chlorinated water, sea water, and hot water to prevent damage to your wig.
  • Wear sun hats outdoors to protect your wig from harmful UV rays.
  • Use rain hats to maintain your wig's style during precipitation.
  • Use safe and gentle tools to style your wig.