Cabello humano real de la parte libre del cierre del cordón 13x4 recto sedoso de Charmanty

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1. 100% Top-Quality Silky-Soft Hair

2. Pre Cut Lace, Pre Plucked & Pre Bleached

3. Craftsman-woven, securely non-shedding

4. Stays stable, shake after shake

Longitud: 14"
manojos: 1
Product details

¡Lleva tu estilo al siguiente nivel con el cierre de encaje Charmanty Silky Straight 13x4! Elaborado con cabello humano 100 % real, este cierre proporciona una apariencia y sensación naturales que garantizan llamar la atención. ¡Atrévete a dar el salto y deslumbrar con un estilo destacado!

Cabello humano real de la parte libre del cierre del cordón 13x4 recto sedoso de Charmanty

100% cabello humano

  • Cierre 100% cabello humano, suave y sedoso.
  • Suave y brillante
  • Combina perfectamente con tu propio cabello
  • Puede hacer cualquier peinado

Cierre de encaje 13x4

  • Línea de cabello natural pre-desplumada
  • Red transpirable y cómoda
  • Aspecto natural
    Cabello humano real de la parte libre del cierre del cordón 13x4 recto sedoso de Charmanty
    Cabello humano real de la parte libre del cierre del cordón 13x4 recto sedoso de Charmanty

    Retención de cutícula

    • 100% cabello humano
    • Vapor procesado a la ola.
    • Saludable y brillante con elasticidad.

      Extremo grueso completo

      • Extremo suave y completo
      • Sin ningún problema de enredos
      • No se divide, no se seca, es fácil de mantener
      Cabello humano real de la parte libre del cierre del cordón 13x4 recto sedoso de Charmanty

      Características del cierre de encaje Charmanty 13x4

      Grado del cabello Oro
      Rizo Derecho
      Color de pelo negro natural
      Longitud 14-20"
      Área de encaje 13*4
      Se puede teñir Cualquier color oscuro entre 27# y 30#
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      100% Top-Quality Human hair
      Be Bold
      Be beautiful
      Be Charmanty
      Be Bold
      Be beautiful
      Be Charmanty
      Be Bold
      Be beautiful
      Be Charmanty
      Shape Your Elegance, Reveal Your Radiance
      Beauty unbound, for every skin found
      Charmanty Effortless Loose Wave Wig 13x4 Transparent Lace Front with Invisible Knots
      Size unseen, confidence supreme

      Put on, Step out—Beauty in an instant

      Pre-cut, Pre-plucked & Pre-bleached. Quickly Wear

      Our glueless wigs, featuring pre-plucked front lace knots, offer quick and easy styling. They have garnered excellent reviews for their innovative design.

      Additionally, their beginner-friendly design makes them easy to wear, simplifying the process for newcomers learning the art of wig styling.

      100% Top-Quality Human Hair for a Natural and Realistic Appearance

      Our glueless wigs are crafted from 100% high-quality human hair, without color pressing, protein silk treatments, or the inclusion of fallen or animal hair.

      These wigs look natural, withstand high temperatures, and can be restyled with ease.

      True Density, No False Claims. Natural Look

      We have specific weight requirements for our wigs based on their density and size. 

      1. For sizes 12" to 16", high-density wigs weigh at least 10g more than low-density wigs.
      2. For sizes 18" to 22", high-density wigs weigh at least 15g more than low-density wigs.
      3. For sizes 24" to 28", high-density wigs weigh at least 20g more than low-density wigs.
      4. For sizes 30" and above, high-density wigs weigh at least 25g more than low-density wigs.
      More Invisible, Softer, Skin-friendly and Naturally Comfortable

      We used upgraded HD lace, compared with the traditional HD lace; we chose a more breathable and elastic lace, hand-woven craft requirements of fine and strict, so that the material is skin-friendly, making it more comfortable to wear and wear more invisible.

      Be Bold
      Be beautiful
      Be Charmanty
      Be Bold
      Be beautiful
      Be Charmanty
      Be Bold
      Be beautiful
      Be Charmanty

      Soft as Cloud

      Make from 100% Top-Quality Virgin Hair, each hair strand retains its original scales, expertly processed to make sure they are soft and supple. Whether you wear them daily or for special occasions, they will fit perfectly and give you unmatched confidence.

      Craftsman-woven, securely non-shedding

      Our glueless wigs have strict standards for approval:
      1. Use five fingers to comb the hair from the top of the head downwards three times, checking for floating hair and breakage and ensuring that the number of lost hairs is less than 5-7.
      2. Check the hand-woven knot position to ensure there is no tension.
      Enables our wigs to minimize shedding and prolong service life.

      Stay Stable, Shake after Shake

      1. We use high-quality rubber to make the elastic band, so it's comfortable for long-term wear and maintains its elasticity even after multiple uses.
      2. The adjustable straps can be easily adjusted to fit different head sizes.
      3. Reasonable design of the position of the clip, forming a solid equilateral triangle, wear stable and not fall off.
      Meet your needs for all occasions, andnot afraid of all kinds of bars, parties, andsports activities.

      100% Human Hair Durable

      This is the result of a weekly treatment.

      Charmanty Ombre Brown Glueless Lace Wig With 6x4 HD Lace Human Hair Straight
      After One Week
      Charmanty Silky Straight Short BOB Wig With 6x4 HD Glueless Lace Human Hair
      After One Month
      Charmanty Silky Straight Short BOB Wig With 6x4 HD Glueless Lace Human Hair
      After Three Months

      Beautiful, always with you!

      True to length

      What will you get


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      Is Your Hair 100%Human Hair?

      Yes,we only sell high quality 100%human hair.

      Does the Average Cap Fit My Head?

      Typically,Charmanty wigs are crafted in a standard size with highly elastic adjustable straps,ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for over 98%of
      our customers.This sturdy fit offers stability,even during rigorous physical activities.Additionally,we offer customizable cap options to
      accommodate various needs.Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require customization.

      Can I Wash My Wig?

      Certainly.Indeed,shampooing and conditioning are essential components of wig maintenance.It's recommended to cleanse your wig weekly,
      adjusting frequency based on usage.Pay particular attention to the lace and hairline to prevent product accumulation.Rest assured,
      comprehensive care instructions accompany every order for your convenience.

      Can I Dye My Wig?

      Certainly.Wigs in the Natural Black color option are not pre-colored,making them suitable for dyeing.However,wigs available in vibrant colors
      have already been pre-colored and should not undergo additional processing

      How Long Will My Wig Last?

      Wigs can endure for months,or even years,with diligent upkeep!The secret to their longevity lies in attentive maintenance,where a bit of extra
      effort yields significant results.Removing your wig nightly and adhering to a routine of regular shampooing and conditioning will prolong its
      lifespan,ensuring it remains fresh and vibrant.

      Can I Use Hot Tools On My Wig?

      Absolutely,you can apply heat for styling and curling your wig,provided you use a heat protectant product.Failure to do so may result in hair
      damage.Prioritizing the protection of your unit from heat damage before employing tools like curling irons,flat irons,or wands significantly
      impacts the longevity of your wig.

      Will My Wig Shed?

      Similar to natural hair shedding from your scalp,shedding is a common occurrence with all wigs.However,with additional care,you can reduce the
      amount of shedding your wig experiences.Ensuring proper protection,detangling,and nightly storage will all contribute to minimizing shedding.
      Rest assured,every order includes care tips to equip you with the necessary information for maintaining your Charmanty wig effectively.

      How Should I Store My Wig?

      Effectively storing your wig is vital for its longevity.Whether on a wig head or in its provided packaging,maintaining neatness is key to extending
      its lifespan.

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